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Active Power, Inc. (NASDAQ: ACPW) provides the most energy-efficient critical power solutions and UPS systems in the world. The company’s inherently reliable and economically green flywheel-based solutions ensure business continuity in the event of power disturbances.  Founded in 1992, Active Power’s flywheel-based Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) systems protect critical operations in data centers, healthcare facilities, manufacturing plants, broadcast stations, and governmental agencies in over 40 countries.

Active Power, Inc.

Alibre, Inc. offers Alibre Design, a low-cost 3D parametric solid modeling application which provides 3D mechanical design, real-time collaboration and data sharing and management. The online environment enables companies to securely share precise design data -- reducing costs, shortening manufacturing cycles, improving productivity and driving quality. Alibre Design is chosen by engineers who want a professional, yet inexpensive alternative to other mid-range CAD applications.

Alibre, Inc.

Bandspeed is the leader in next-generation Wi-Fi management, delivering WLAN platform solutions that enable mission-critical Wi-Fi voice, data and video applications for the mass market. Bandspeed AirMaestro is an 802.11 Wi-Fi certified access point platform consisting of the AirMaestro software and integrated circuits.  By employing Bandspeed’s architecture, access point vendors significantly increase the RF manageability, scalability, security and managed coverage capabilities of their AP offerings.


Convey Computer Corporation, founded in late 2006 will introduce an application specific reconfigurable computer that will dramatically increase the overall performance of the fastest micro-processor based servers.  In areas such as financial analytics, seismic processing, and life sciences the dramatic increase in server performance will result in a smaller server footprint which will save both power and cooling costs for the enterprise.

Convey Computer

GlobeRanger is the leading provider of RFID, mobility and sensor-based edge software solutions. Its innovative Edgeware™ platform, iMotion™, provides the critical infrastructure layer for managing devices, networks, data and processes at the edge of the enterprise, enabling real-time response. iMotion serves as the foundation for GlobeRanger and its partners to rapidly develop, deploy and manage edge solutions.

GlobeRanger Corp

iTKO, Inc. offers the most complete software suite for testing Service-Oriented Architectures (SOA), allowing multiple business technology layers to be exercised within a single test case. iTKO's mission is to allow everyone involved in IT to own Complete, Collaborative, and Continuous(TM) software quality, from development, to QA and business analysts. iTKO’s LISA Complete SOA Testing Platform system performs unit, functional, regression, load and performance tests, without requiring test coding or script maintenance, saving up to 80% of the cost of testing over the course of six months.

KD1  developed software for data mining and decision support applications, for use by retailers and packaged goods suppliers for inventory management, forecasting, and purchasing. In addition, KD-1 provided services from a data center using its proprietary software. 

The company was acquired by Net Perceptions (NASDAQ: NETP) in February 2000.


Mirage Networks is an innovative provider of network security solutions for defending the network edge™. Mirage technology creates immediate value to customers by eliminating downtime caused by security breaches and exploits. Mirage helps companies eliminate rapidly propagating threats and network abuses from their internal network without creating latency in business-critical network traffic. The company’s appliance deploys at the network edge and can surgically terminate unwanted activities faster than other security solutions. Mirage’s solution utilizes a virtually in-line deployment model which simplifies security -- no network latency, no network redesign and no single point of failure.

Mirage Networks

MPV enables medical groups to achieve accurate reimbursement through a unique combination of expert consultative services and innovative software. This blend of financial tools and services allows groups to define the terms of their contracts and more effectively identify, appeal and recover underpaid claims, which can account for up to 20 percent of an organization’s claims volume.  Serving more than 27,000 physicians nationwide, MPV gives clients better control of their payor contracts, improves workflow efficiency and strengthens the bottom line.

Medical Present Value

NetBotz designed, manufactured and marketed Java-based servers used to remotely monitor IT hardware infrastructures for corporations and internet co-location services.

NetBotz was acquired by American Power Conversion (NASDAQ: APCC) in October 2005.


SiteStuff, Inc. is the nation's leading procurement company in the commercial real estate industry. SiteStuff helps companies reduce procurement costs, streamline the invoice and accounting process, as well as provides information that gives companies greater control over their spend.


Voyence is the leading provider of configuration and change management solutions that automate critical change, compliance and activation processes. The company’s solution, VoyenceControl NG, helps organizations drive out operational costs, increase availability, improve security, and demonstrate regulatory compliance. VoyenceControl NG is the only configuration and change management solution based on a multi-tiered architecture that can effectively manage tens of thousands of devices across heterogeneous infrastructures.