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Handango’s market-leading content delivery platform, Handango AMPP, is the platform of choice for numerous mobile industry leaders including Motorola, Nokia, Samsung, RIM, HP, Verizon Wireless, T-Mobile, Microsoft and AOL. By delivering intuitive and compelling consumer experiences, Handango has become the trusted source for millions of smartphone users around the world. Leveraging its network of more than 16,000 content partners and its vast distribution network, Handango seamlessly delivers the smartphone marketplace to millions of consumers on the web and from the device.


InGrid was founded in 2004 to provide a new class of broadband-integrated Digital Home Protection services for the residential and small business security market, principally through major broadband providers. InGrid's next generation systems and services provide better protection than most dealer-installed systems, are almost impossible to defeat, and can be easily and conveniently managed from a cordless telephone, cell phone, or web browser.


Thinkwell has succeeded in creating a "next-generation" textbook, one that helps students learn and teachers teach. Using video from world class professors combined with graphics and animation, Thinkwell’s products are unique in college publishing.  Textbooks are delivered via CD-ROM and streaming technologies preparing students more effectively than any printed textbook.


Applied Science Fiction engaged in the development of proprietary technologies for the photo imaging industry. Its products included a film scanner suite; and products for photo prints, color restoration, and noise and grain reduction.  ASF was able to translate the power of traditional film photography to high quality digital output.

In May 2003, Kodak (NYSE: EK) acquired the assets of ASF.

Applied Science Fiction