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CenterPoint has a long history of working with technology accelerators. In fact, CenterPoint co-founded and continues to invest in STARTech, a highly recognized technology accelerator with offices in Austin and Richardson, Texas. STARTech puts entrepreneurs on the fast track to success by offering educational programs, business resources, seed-stage capital and a network of business advisors and industry contacts. CenterPoint's close alliance with STARTech and other technology incubators gives us the advantage of identifying high-potential investments at a very early stage.

Corporate Network
CenterPoint has built a valuable network of corporate contacts through decades of executive experience in the high-tech industries, particularly in the areas of communications infrastructure, computer products, semiconductor and business software and services. Through this powerful corporate network, CenterPoint can help entrepreneurs acquire key customers, strategic partners or potential suitors for mergers and acquisitions. We also actively co-invest with the venture funds of several Global 2000 corporations, including Intel.

Service Providers
CenterPoint also supports entrepreneurs through our wide network of industry service providers, including research firms; technology attorneys; consultants; accounting firms; bankers; and corporate recruiters.