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CenterPoint was originally founded in 1996 by veteran entrepreneurs and former executives of Convex Computer, Mostek, and Texas Instruments.

Over the years, the team has grown to include other successful executives  who are responsible for some of Texas’ most successful software investments, such as Tivoli and Dazel. Each additional member has broadened CenterPoint’s network and expanded the range of our collective experience. 

The operating experience of the team members is very deep.  Each team member successfully progressed, during the operating-company stage of their careers, from entry-level positions to senior management roles.  Each has also participated in one or more liquidity events – both IPO and M&A – while in an operating company role.

To date, the firm has formed three funds with investments in over 40 promising portfolio companies, most of them leaders in their market sector and well along the path to success.

  1. Fund I is a $50 million fund formed in October, 1996, and has invested in 13 early stage companies.
  2. Fund II is a $100 million fund formed in June, 1999 and has invested in 20 early stage companies.
  3. Fund III is a $272 million fund formed in February, 2001 and has invested in over 26 early-stage companies.